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Atlantic City Beach Patrol

2020 Lifeguard Test

Saturday June 13, 2020

Due to the current climate of the nation and the State of NJ, the ACBP will be holding a test for interested candidates far different than our traditional and historical testing procedures. 

Certification standards

All candidates must be able to meet The South Jersey Chief’s Association qualifying standards to pass the ACBP Lifeguard Test and become eligible for the ACBP Lifeguard Academy and subsequent hiring.

These standards are:

  1. 500 meter ocean swim – completed in less than 10 minutes

  2. Half mile run – completed in less than 3 minutes and 45 seconds


The test will no longer be held in the back bay. We will be holding the 2020 ACBP test on the beach at South Carolina Avenue (Beach Patrol Headquarters)



Pre-Test Training Sessions

Prior to the test we will be providing interested candidates with free group training sessions at two (2) locations in the city to practice techniques critical to success in the lifeguard test. The training is run by some of the best lifeguards on the ACBP who will teach the skills necessary to successfully pass the test. 

Training will be held from 1pm-4pm 

  • Saturday June 6th 

  • Monday June 8th 

  • Tuesday June 9th 

  • Wednesday June 10th

  • Thursday June 11th

  • Friday June 12th

Training Site #1- Georgia Avenue Beach*

Training Site #2- Providence Avenue Beach*

* We will split the group sizes out evenly between the training sites if too many applicants show up at either location


Training will consist of:

  • 500-meter organized ocean swims**

  • Beach Runs

  • Boardwalk 1/2 mile runs

  • Surf Dashes

**all candidates will be required to wear rescue torpedos during all ocean swims unless Beach Patrol Instructors inform you

differently after assessing your swimming ability


1. Completed waiver and application submitted

2. Must bring sunblock and other necessary equipment for a day at the beach. (water/towel/change of clothes/swimming gear) 

3. All Candidates must show up with a mask on or visible on your person in order to participate in the training sessions.

4. There is no roll call or mandatory reporting times, your participation is totally up to you.

5. Be advised, those who attended the training in the past have been more successful in the testing. 

You will be contacted with your appointed testing time when we have a finalized list.

We will still be holding the testing in smaller groups unless the Executive Orders from the Governor change before testing day and larger assembled groups are permitted. We will notify you if that is the case.

Test Events (Order to be determined):

Event 1- 500-Meter Ocean Swim

Event 2- 1/2 Mile Run (under 3:45 mandatory to advance to next event)

Event 3- Competitive Ocean Surf Dashes

Event 4- Competitive 500-Meter Timed Ergometer

Event 5- Interview & ACBP Instructor Evaluation

Event 1 – 500-Meter Ocean Swim

The swim will be held in the ocean at the South Carolina Avenue Beach. The swim will be to a single flag. Candidates must round the flag before returning to the finish line. Swimmers may not interfere with or impede the progress of other swimmers. Failure to turn the flag results in disqualification. All candidates must finish the swim in under ten (10) minutes to be considered for employment. 

Event 2 – Half-Mile Boardwalk Run


Event 3 – Competitive Ocean Surf Dashes

Candidates will start and finish the surf dash events on the beach between 2 lifeguard stands. A torpedo buoy will be worn during this event to simulate a “can”rescue. Candidates will round a stake in approximately chest deep water before returning to the finish line. There will be a maximum of 6 candidates in each surf dash heat.

Event 4 – 500-Meter Timed Ergometer (Rowing)

Event 5 – Interview & Evaluation by ACBP Instructors

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