The Atlantic City Beach Patrol will conduct a tryout test at for all interested applicants to form a prioritized list of candidates for available open water lifeguard positions for the 2022 beach season. The tryout will be comprised of a five (5) part beach test:

(1) 500-meter ocean swim 

(2) 1000-foot singles lifeboat row

(3) Competitive surf dashes

(4) 1/2 mile run in under 3:45

(5)  Personal Interview.

Minimum Requirements:             

  • Must be at least 16 years old to apply

  • 200-yard pool swim in less than 4:00

  • 1/2 mile run in under 3:45

*Top candidates will perform far beyond these standards.

Test Date:

Saturday June 11th, 2022

9:00am Sharp-Roll Call


Test Location:

South Carolina Avenue and the Beach

Beach Patrol Headquarters

Atlantic City, NJ 

Candidates should demonstrate exceptional ability in each event.

All applicants should enroll in our pre-test training academy to learn essential skills of ocean rescue and how to maneuver a lifeguard boat through the surf.  Candidates who participate in the training academy will have a significant competitive advantage over other competitors.

Candidate Application Click Here

Candidate Waiver Click Here

2022 Candidate Training School Information

Prior to the 2022 lifeguard test the ACBP will provide interested candidates with a free training school to practice techniques critical to success in the lifeguard test.  This training is run by some of the best lifeguards on the ACBP who will teach the skills necessary to successfully pass the test.  Candidates are strongly encouraged to attend these training sessions. All candidates must attend at least one (1) session prior to testing. 

When: 12pm - 5pm

Start Date: Tuesday, May 31st

End Date: Friday, June 10th

(No training on Sundays)

Location: Virginia Ave Beach

  • Location subject to change depending upon beach conditions & beach erosion prior to Memorial Day.

  • If necessary, to change location, the new location will be posted to the beach patrol website (www.atlanticcitybeachpatrol.org)

  • No phone calls please!

Applicant Requirements:

1. Must be at least 16 years old.

2. Must complete waiver and application and submit.

3. Must bring sunblock and other necessary equipment for a day at the beach. (water/towel/dry clothes)

***Interested Candidates (and Parents) please take note***

  • We are aware that a majority of candidates are still in high school past the training school start time of 12pm. We encourage you to show up as soon as possible after school. Please be aware, those showing up after 4pm will be turned away.

  • There is no rollcall or set mandatory reporting times, your participation is totally up to you. 

  • Be advised, those who attended the training in the past have been the most successful in the testing.